A Buyers Market Can Benefit Both Buyers And Sellers

Just pick up a newspaper or turn on the television lately and you’ll likely hear the doom and gloom of the real estate market.  You hear about all of the sub prime lenders going under and how home sales are down.  We all know that a slow market is not great for sellers but the truth is that most people selling a home are also buying another home.

It may be difficult for a seller to get what they would have been able to get a year ago in the current market.  With many homes for sale and fewer buyers it definitely puts the buyers in the drivers seat.  But remember,  what you are losing on the sale of your home on the selling end you may be able to make up on the buying end and balance things out.
As a buyer,  a local realtor can help you a great deal.  We are constantly updated with price reductions and buyer incentives and know how to get you the best home for your money.  A good realtor will work hard to help you save money on the buying end to help you to balance out any loss you may have on the selling end.  It’s an ideal time to buy!
Thomas Tolbert
Realtor / Sales Associate
Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate Legacy 
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